Saturday, October 3, 2015

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey, I personally found the film to be boring and uneventful. I know that this film is a large piece of movie and science fiction culture. This movie was definitely ahead of its time when it comes to special effects. With that being said it did have some examples of good movie physics. It also had some questionable scenes as well. One of the good scenes of movie physics is when the astronaut is running inside of the space craft. A bad scene of movie physics is in the pod loading bay, inside of the space craft.

There are some good scenes of space movie physics in the film. The one that stands out the most is when the astronaut runs inside of the space craft. The astronaut is running in what seems like a hamster wheel. but it is actually part of the space craft that is turning on an axis. This turning creates an artificial gravity. this gravity allows the astronaut to run inside of the command center. Im not sure what kind of rate the wheel would have to turn at to create the normal force found on earth. The principle of the rotating wheel is correct though in the film.

There are also some examples of bad movie physics in the film as well. The scene that sticks out the most is in the pod bay on the space craft. The pod bay is not under the influence of artificial gravity. So the pods should be floating around along with the astronauts. Now some may say that the pods were anchored to the space craft and that was why the pods are not floating around. Another excuse why the astronauts are not float around is that they are wearing "grip" shoes. But the thing that proves without a shadow of a doubt that its is bad physics, is that the suits that are not anchored and are not floating like they should be if they weren't anchored. 

The film 2001: A Space Odyssey, is actually a well made film. The plot of the film could use some work because it seems to lack a plot. However, it is as good or better than most todays films when it comes to physics. The film uses quite sound space and gravitational physics throughout the feature. There are some flaws in the film but that is to be expected with any kind of film. Especially for one made in the time that it was in. As bad of I movie I it is, I do believe that it is a film everyone should see just for its cultural significance.

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  1. You want to force everyone to suffer the same pain you did in watching it? Regarding your complaints about the pod scenes, I am curious what Stanley Kubrick's thinking was in that case. Was this a capitulation to budgetary constraints or did he have some rationalization?