Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mission Imposible III

In the movie Mission Impossible III Tom Cruise's character is trying to retrieve some kind of terrorist device called the Rabbits Foot. He comes up with the idea of swinging from the roof of one building to another. The question is, is it possible for him to successfully make the swing? The distance between the two buildings is 47.55 meters apart. The hight of the tallest building is 226 meters. The hight of the lower building is 162 meters. The time of the swing was about 15 seconds. Is it physically possible I don't know.

The second scene from the movie that I am investigating is when he jumps from the building. The question is, is it possible for even at the maximum altitude of the building to make a successful jump. The minimum height that you can jump from and survive is 100 feet. Without some kind of injury you need a jump of at least 300 feet. The building is 162 meters tall. So at the top of the building it is possible to make a safe landing. He was at about half way up the building when he jumped.  So he jumped at an altitude of about 81 meters. That is roughly 243 feet. He should have not been able to walk away from that without at least a limp or some kind of mild injury.

The last scene is when Tom Crusie's character has to make an incredible bridge jump. The bridge gap is about 25 feet. The length of time he was in the air can not be calculated because he's in slow motion. His weight is about 170 pounds. The speed at which he is running is unknown. The force pulling him down is 9.81m/s squared. He jumped from a level plane. Whether its is possible or not is unknown to me but it is very unlikely.    


  1. OK, this is pretty good for a first post. A few things to note, though. First, part of the assignment was to explain how you arrived at your estimates for the various quantities. Particularly in your third example you don't explain where you got your estimates, and in the case of his running speed (a crucial variable in answering the question you pose), you don't even give an estimate. In your second example, I assume, though you aren't very clear, that you are talking about base jumping. Again, though, where did you get your information?

  2. Two critical quantities you didn't think of on your first scene of the swing from one building to another are: what angle did the rope start at? and what angle did he need to achieve to reach the other building? I'll discuss this on Monday.