Friday, September 11, 2015


In the movie Eraser, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character mans himself with two rail guns and kills the villains. I will be breaking down the bad physics of this scene. This problem will take into consideration the mass of Arnold, the villains, and the bullet. It will also take into consideration the velocity of Arnold, the villains, and the bullet before and after the shot has taken place.

This scene is a law of conservation of momentum problem.

momentum= (mass)(velocity)

P= momentum
Delta= change in momentum
f= final momentum
i= initial momentum
M= mass
V= velocity
a= Arnold
v= villan
kg= kilograms
m/s= meters per second


Arnold firing the gun



0= 2,970,100

As you can see this does not make sense so this part of the movie is impossible.

The bullet hitting the villain




As you can see this does not make sense either.

From a physics stand point this whole scene does not make sense at all.

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  1. You have some math errors in your analysis. First off, (100kg)(-30,000m/s)+(.1kg)(30,000,000m/s) does not equal 2,970,100 (not the least because you don't have any units). There are problems when you solve for the villain, too.