Thursday, September 17, 2015


After watching the movie in class and crunching the numbers, the plan in the movie Armageddon was complete junk. With this said though it is not unreasonable to say that NASA has not thought of coming up with a plan to attack these Armageddon Asteroids. NASA is planning on bringing an asteroid into the moons orbit allowing astronauts to land on it and conduct experiments and collect information. But in order for this plan to work they will actually have to retrieve an asteroid from deep space. That would be the first manned mission into deep space. These plans are all still in the works. As it stands now NASA just tracks and identifies asteroids. But even if this mission was to take place and was successful it would just be the first step. After studying the asteroid they would then have to come up with a strategy on how to destroy one. The plans though for this mission to actually happen is still years in the making.

Another idea people are developing is the use of nuclear bombs. They are trying to discover the amount of kick a nuclear bomb would have on an asteroid in outer space. They do not want to blow the asteroid up but change its direction. They do not want to explode the nuke on or under the surface but close to it to create a kind of push against the asteroid. They also need to detonate it far enough in to outer space so it's radiation doesn't affect earth. It is difficult to do this experiment on earth. They have discovered how much kick they have on earth but space is another thing. I am sure it won't be too long to figure out how to conduct this experiment in outer space.

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  1. Good research, although there is one thing you missed regarding testing this idea in space. There is an international treaty against exploding nuclear devices in space, on the moon, or on any other astronomical body (see Erin's post for more details on this point).