Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Star Trek

The Warp Drive made intergalactic travel possible for the USS. Enterprise. The Warp drive allows for the space craft to travel faster than the speed of light. The way this works in the movie is it emits warp fields that creates a sub space bubble. This bubble distorts the local space-time continuum. This allows the starship to travel way beyond the speed of light. The velocities were known as warp factors.  The engines are fueled by deuterium and anti deuterium. They then are sent through set of dilithium crystals that turns the energy into electromagnetic fields. It then creates a high energy plasma. Then they go through the warp coils, these coils produce the warp field. The Warp drive is the most common way to travel through the Milky Way system. This makes interstellar commerce, warfare, and exploration possible.

The tele-porter is very import to the crew of USS. Enterprise. This allows for the crew to travel and from the space craft. How the tele-porter works is that it breaks down the person into an energy pattern. The tele-porter transports people in real time accurate to the quantum level. The effective range of the tele-porter is 40,000 kilometers.  Originally in the movies and tv shows they were not going to use a tele-porter but film the scene with the ship landing in different places. The problem was that it would cost too much for them to shoot these scenes. So they came up with the tele-porter a much cheaper alternative. The tele-porter makes it possible to leave the ship in a quick and easy manner. They can also use the tele-porter to drop photon bombs with out putting the ship at risk.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fat Man, Little Boy/ Godzilla

People are faced with a lot of decisions in their lives. Some of those decisions affect other people besides themselves. The men of the manhattan project were faced with one of those decisions. There were some relatively innocent people affected by the dropping of the atomic bombs. The bombs that these men knew were going to be used against these people. I believe they made the right call. These people were enemies of the United States. The nation of Japan were responsible for an untold number of deaths of American soldiers. When they launched the Pearl Harbor attack they didn't think twice about all of the innocent lives they were going to kill. There was no Geneva convention in this time and the Japanese knew this, they were brutal to the Americans.  The Japanese were told to be even worse than the Nazis when it came torture of POW's.  Who can say that their lives were worth more than the lives of thousand of Americans. They ended the war more quickly allowing these men to come home. Back to their families and their lives as civilians. If a few more enemy had to die in order for them to secure a quick and fast end to the war than what is the big deal. Does anyone think that the Japanese would have done anything different from what we did. If anyone does they are wrong. Before the Pearl Harbor attack they continually stated that they were at piece with the United States.These men made the right call, it does weigh on a person when they take another persons life. though at the end of the day they are not the ones dropping the bomb it is the call of the government. Their conscious is clean of the dropping of the bombs. They should go to bed every night thinking they are heroes and patriots.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Global Warming

Global Warming, what is it, what causes it, how serious is it? Global Warming is a phrase we hear quite often, on the news, in the papers. What is it? In layman's terms it means, carbon dioxide that is released into the air causes the creation a type of atmospheric blanket. This blanket holds more heat in the atmosphere causing the Earths surface temperature to rise. Now this Global Warming is causing a more sever event, that is heard every where, Climate Change.  Climate Change is very complex issue with many moving parts. the long term effects of Climate Change are hard to predict. Scientists have been able to link some weather related deserters together to predict earths future extreme weather events. No where in the list of possible vents is there mention of a sixty foot storm surge putting Manhattan under water. Here are just a few things that scientists have seen in the recent years: longer and hotter heat waves, the largest drought in the last fifty years, more and more sever wild fires. All of these things are increasing in numbers and in severity. the rise in heat in the first half of 2012 lead to the death of 74 Americans. Experts say that if the temperatures keep rising that an additional 150,000 Americans will die from heat related deaths by the end of the century. The rise in temperatures can also lead to a rise in infectious diseases and contaminated water supplies. Climate Change also causes more extreme storms. With theses storms comes increased rain storms in isolated areas causing flooding. This flooding has lead to loss of life as well as millions of dollars in property damage. As ironic as it sounds with all of this rainfall come major drought. The major droughts causes major losses in farm production. This causes food prices to go up. Causing the cost of living to go up. The last major effete Climate Change has on the earth is wildfires. Even if you are not in a region that is directly effected by the fires, the smoke from the fire travels up into the atmosphere. The smoke in the atmosphere affects many people even those relatively far away. No one knows how long this change will go on for or how intense it will get. However even a little change in the Earths climate can change the world.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey, I personally found the film to be boring and uneventful. I know that this film is a large piece of movie and science fiction culture. This movie was definitely ahead of its time when it comes to special effects. With that being said it did have some examples of good movie physics. It also had some questionable scenes as well. One of the good scenes of movie physics is when the astronaut is running inside of the space craft. A bad scene of movie physics is in the pod loading bay, inside of the space craft.

There are some good scenes of space movie physics in the film. The one that stands out the most is when the astronaut runs inside of the space craft. The astronaut is running in what seems like a hamster wheel. but it is actually part of the space craft that is turning on an axis. This turning creates an artificial gravity. this gravity allows the astronaut to run inside of the command center. Im not sure what kind of rate the wheel would have to turn at to create the normal force found on earth. The principle of the rotating wheel is correct though in the film.

There are also some examples of bad movie physics in the film as well. The scene that sticks out the most is in the pod bay on the space craft. The pod bay is not under the influence of artificial gravity. So the pods should be floating around along with the astronauts. Now some may say that the pods were anchored to the space craft and that was why the pods are not floating around. Another excuse why the astronauts are not float around is that they are wearing "grip" shoes. But the thing that proves without a shadow of a doubt that its is bad physics, is that the suits that are not anchored and are not floating like they should be if they weren't anchored. 

The film 2001: A Space Odyssey, is actually a well made film. The plot of the film could use some work because it seems to lack a plot. However, it is as good or better than most todays films when it comes to physics. The film uses quite sound space and gravitational physics throughout the feature. There are some flaws in the film but that is to be expected with any kind of film. Especially for one made in the time that it was in. As bad of I movie I it is, I do believe that it is a film everyone should see just for its cultural significance.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Laws of Gravity and Superman

The chapter I summarized was about newtons law of gravity and its affect on Superman. I thought that this was appropriate because this is what we are focusing on in class. The chapter starts by asking the question how can Superman just leap to the top of a building. Then comes in the physics. It takes into account Superman's mass, the distance he is from the Earth, and the universal pull of gravity. It concludes to say that while on earth his weight not his mass is about 220 pounds. They do this by taking his mass and multiplying it by Earth's gravitational pull. They discover that the acceleration due to gravity which is the equation (G x Mass of the Earth)/ Radius of the earth squared. They discover that his gravitation acceleration is 32 feet/ sec squared. They discover that in order for superman to make that leap he would have to be from a planet with 15 times the gravitational pull of Earth. It goes on to explain why the Moon revolves around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. It explains this by saying, the Moon is falling around the Earth and that the Earths gravitational pull determined by the size of the Earth keeps the Moon in close. But the speed that the Moon is falling at keeps it from striking the Earth. It also goes on to say that the shape of the planet is determined by its size. If the planet or object is larger than about 300 miles then is gravitational pull forms it into a sphere. Also a shout out to the movie Armageddon, if the asteroid was as big as they say it was then it would be in the shape of a sphere not the shape showed in the movie. They continue to break down the reason that Krypton's gravitational acceleration is 15 times stronger than Earths. In order for this to be true, Krypton must be 15 times larger than Earth or the same size as earth but 15 times denser. Due to the laws of gravity for earth that they would assume were true on krypton, it would be impossible for Krypton to be 15 times dense as earth. They explain this by saying that the density is equivalent to how close the atoms are packed together. The closeness that the atoms would have to achieve to produce a density of 15 times the Earths is nearly impossible due to quantum mechanics. But if it were possible some how it still geology wise be near impossible. The Earth is the most dense planet in the universe at 5 grams/ cubic cm. So even if the planet was made of uranium it would only have a density of about 19 grams/cubic  cm. Which is less than four times the density of Earth. So to acquire 15 times the density of earth it would have to have the density of 75 grams/cubic cm. There is no natural substance that has that kind of density. But in defense there have been exotic materials found in outer space, although none to my knowledge are dense enough there still is a possibility. They go on to say that it is just as unlikely that the planet could be 15 times larger than Earth. Jupiter which is 11 times the size of the Earth, which is pretty close to our magic number of 15 times the size of Earth. The problem is that it is so large that the atoms are all spread out and that it's really just a big ball of gas. Making it impossible to even walk on much less build an entire civilization on.  But there is one exception, If the core of Krypton comprised of neutron star material which is the material of a star after it has exploded, with a radius of about 600 meters. It would have the density that of 15 times that of Earth. But with this the planet because of its extreme density would not be able to distribute mater. There would be volcanic eruptions and large tectonic shifts. This would essentially  cause the planet to fall apart. Also this would persuade mothers to put their infant in a rocket and send him to a far away planet called Earth. Where the child would discover his abilities and save the world day after day from evil villains.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


After watching the movie in class and crunching the numbers, the plan in the movie Armageddon was complete junk. With this said though it is not unreasonable to say that NASA has not thought of coming up with a plan to attack these Armageddon Asteroids. NASA is planning on bringing an asteroid into the moons orbit allowing astronauts to land on it and conduct experiments and collect information. But in order for this plan to work they will actually have to retrieve an asteroid from deep space. That would be the first manned mission into deep space. These plans are all still in the works. As it stands now NASA just tracks and identifies asteroids. But even if this mission was to take place and was successful it would just be the first step. After studying the asteroid they would then have to come up with a strategy on how to destroy one. The plans though for this mission to actually happen is still years in the making.

Another idea people are developing is the use of nuclear bombs. They are trying to discover the amount of kick a nuclear bomb would have on an asteroid in outer space. They do not want to blow the asteroid up but change its direction. They do not want to explode the nuke on or under the surface but close to it to create a kind of push against the asteroid. They also need to detonate it far enough in to outer space so it's radiation doesn't affect earth. It is difficult to do this experiment on earth. They have discovered how much kick they have on earth but space is another thing. I am sure it won't be too long to figure out how to conduct this experiment in outer space.

Friday, September 11, 2015


In the movie Eraser, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character mans himself with two rail guns and kills the villains. I will be breaking down the bad physics of this scene. This problem will take into consideration the mass of Arnold, the villains, and the bullet. It will also take into consideration the velocity of Arnold, the villains, and the bullet before and after the shot has taken place.

This scene is a law of conservation of momentum problem.

momentum= (mass)(velocity)

P= momentum
Delta= change in momentum
f= final momentum
i= initial momentum
M= mass
V= velocity
a= Arnold
v= villan
kg= kilograms
m/s= meters per second


Arnold firing the gun



0= 2,970,100

As you can see this does not make sense so this part of the movie is impossible.

The bullet hitting the villain




As you can see this does not make sense either.

From a physics stand point this whole scene does not make sense at all.